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8 New Variety Packs for you Creative Pleasure


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Chinese Knotting Cord 

Chinese Knotting Cord is a round cord made from nylon that is braided, not twisted.  It has a core cord running through its center which helps to give the cord its stiffness and maintain its round shape.  It has a beautiful grip to it, holds the knots tightly and its ends can be sealed with a flame or thread burner.

Chinese Knotting Cord traditionally only comes in two sizes .8mm and 1.5mm.  As this cord has increased in popularity, it is now available in whole variety of sizes and colors!  Same colors in different sizes are a close match which gives added versatility to your designs. 

Please note:  Diameters are approximate and colors can vary from dye lot to dye lot so plesae take this into account when ordering.   Size samples and color samples are available if you need them.  


    Free Size Card

    We have been getting so many email requests for size cards that we can't keep track of them all so we have decided to add it to our product listing!


    The smallest size in our chinese knotting cord family.  Perfect for wrapped rings, tassels, bead crochet, kumihimo, tatting, ladder bracelets and really delicate micro macrame. 


    Our most popular size.  Over 70 great colors!   Perfect for micro macrame, tatting, kumihomo, this cord fits twice through a 8/0 bead, and comfortably through 11/0 beads.     


    Slightly larger than the .5mm, this cord is our next popular size.  Great for macrame, crochet and book binding and friendship bracelets.  Pair with same colors of the 1.4mm size for those ever popular shamballa bracelets.  Fits comfortably through a 8/0 beads and twice through the 6/0 size.  


     Our newest addition to the chinese knotting cord family!  A great color match to the 1.5mm size for those ever popular shamballa bracelets. 


    This cord is a beauty!  Great for shamballa bracelets, accents to paracord bracelets, macrame, friendship bracelets, this knotting cord size now comes on beautiful reusuable bobbins that clip together for the organized crafter.


    The Original 1.2mm size Chinese Knotting Cord.  Shamballa cord anyone?  Measures 1.5mm and comes in all of those basic colors that every crafter needs.


    Growing in popularity, this cord is the indoor version of paracord.  Great for macrame, turkish head knots, paracord, and shamballa bracelets with 14mm beads or larger.


     For those who love Black.  


    Our largest size, this cord can be used for braiding, dog leashes, purse handles and/or as an inner core to for kumihimo!  

    3mm Flat

    Brand New!  This 3mm FLAT chinese knot cord is absolutely beautiful!  Braid it, twist it, add rhinestones, thread on beads, use it for kumihimo or make a beautfiul chinese knot!  Like all our other chinese knotting cord, the ends can be sealed with a flame.

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