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8mm Thread Wrap Rings

We absolutely love these little thread wrap rings.   Each ring measures approximately 8MM in diameter and has a hole size of 4MM.  They do not stretch and are made by wrapping 0.4MM chinese knotting cord around a nylon core.  They come in a whole array of wonderful colors which are perfect for attaching tassels to, using as unique beads for your project and can even be used for making clasps.  Each little bottle comes with 25 rings.  

Hint:  Sometime these little rings have a rough spot where the seal comes together.   To get rid of this, simply use a thread burner or lighter to melt that spot and then use your finger or back end of a spoon to smooth the spot over.  


 3MM (1 Strand)

2MM (2 Strands)

1.4MM / 1.5MM (4 Strands)

0.8MM/1MM (8 Strand Kumihimo Braid)

0.5MM (12 Strand Kumihimo braid)


3MM Nylon Piping (1 Strand)