April 2021




  Our April 2021 Variety Pack is a little late in coming but we finally found some time to put it all together!  

We decided to pair our Multi-Color Nylon Braided cord with some Chinese Knotting Cord and Embroidery Floss and we LOVE the resulting color ways!  This variety pack is just perfect for making a whole bunch of coordinated, stackable bracelets.  

The possibilities of bracelets to make are endless and we cannot wait to see what types of bracelet stacks you come up with.  

To start the creative genes flowing, we have pictured a couple of our ideas and included with these variety packs the clasps, links and gemstones we used in our creations.  


 Each variety pack contains:

         5 Yards of Multi-Color Nylon Braided Cord

         5 Yards Each of Two Coordinating Colors of 1.4MM Chinese Knotting Cord

1 Skein of DMC or Royal Broidery Floss

         5 5x3mm Fold Over Crimp with Extender Chain

         1 Link  or Gemstone