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8/0 Miyuki - Duracoat Galvanized Silver (8-4201)

8/0 Miyuki - Duracoat Galvanized Silver (8-4201)

  • $ 875

These beads are our go to bead for most projects.  They work so well with most colors of cord and fit 1 strand of the 0.8MM/1MM cord and 2 strands of the 0.5MM cord.  There bright silver color just begs to be used and the Duracoat finish means your projects will last!  With a size of about 2MM and a generous hole size of 1MM.. it is no wonder we cannot keep the beads in stock.  

Manufactured in Japan, by Miyuki.  

  • 22 Grams Tube
  • Approx. beads per package: 858
  • Approx. beads per inch: 12
  • Duracoat / Galvanized 


0.8MM / 1MM (1 Strand)

 0.5MM (2 strands)

0.4MM ( 2 strands)

1MM ELASTIC (1 strand)


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