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Tassel Cord


The beauty of a tassel is in its movement and this cord flows beautifully when made into a tassel.   It is thin, almost thread like but strong enough to add beads to it.  Use multiple strands of it for kumihimo and then separate those strands into a beautiful tassel at the end of your braid. 

Add tassels to your bracelets, anklets or necklaces.  Add tassels to any craft project.. you can even make your own graduation tassels.  This cord is also used for making tassels for your home decorating projects.    

Cord is 2ply: (undividable) measures approximately .1mm, made from nylon.    It does not come in pre-made ropes (multiple strands lightly twisted together) so when you use it for kumihimo you make your own ropes.    Approximately 10 strands makes a 1mm rope.  20 strands makes a 2mm rope.. etc

40 yds:  Makes about 8 - 10 one inch tassels