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0.8MM/1MM  Large Variety Pack:  33 Colors

0.8MM/1MM Large Variety Pack: 33 Colors

  • $ 8700

Do you need a special gift for a friend?  Or are you in need of a special treat?  Choose one of our larger variety packs.  This pack includes 33 colors of our 0.8MM/1MM Chinese Knotting Cord.     Cord is packaged in a pretty white box.  Add a bow and you have a special gift for all the knotters in your family.  

Each box contains 33 bobbins (10 yards) of 33 different colors.  Colors will vary from box to box.   


Choose your own colors!    Just email us ( with a list of your colors and we will make a box specially for you.  Please choose 33 colors.. no duplicates please.


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