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11/0 Galvanized Dk Blue-Grey :  11-1059

11/0 Galvanized Dk Blue-Grey : 11-1059

  • $ 295

Tiny, tiny little beads, these 11/0 Miyuki seed beads have a large enough hole for 1 pass of the 0.4MM or 0.5MM Chinese Knotting Cord.  Try using them in our Haiku Macrame Bracelet tutorial.  Sold in Tubes of 8.5 Grams.  

 If you need help threading your Chinese knotting cord through the smaller hole, check out our video on How to Prepare Chinese Knot Cord for Threading Beads.  Be patient.. it may take more than one try to get just the right tip on your cord!  

0.4MM (1 Strand)

 0.5MM (1 strand) 

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