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4MM Seamed Round Bead: Silver Filled:  1.5MM Hole

4MM Seamed Round Bead: Silver Filled: 1.5MM Hole

  • $ 999

We were so excited when we found these beads, we just couldn't wait to get them into our store.   4MM Round, Silver-Filled and with a hole of 1.5MM they are absolutely perfect for use with our 1MM Satin Cord,  1.4MM Chinese Knotting Cord and 1MM Wax Polyester Cord.  Add a little elegance to your projects!    We just know these beads will sell out if we don't use them all first :)

  • Beads per Bag:  100
  • Diameter:  4MM
  • Hole:  1.5MM
  • S/L:  Silver Filled
  • Made in the USA

  Did you know that Silver-Filled means that the outer 10% of each bead is .925 silver?  The core is brass.  The process of bonding the two makes the beads much less expensive than true sterling silver beads but impossible to tell with the naked eye.  

0.5MM (4 Strand)

0.8MM / 1MM (2 Strands)

1.4MM (1 Strand)

1MM Satin Cord (1 Strand)

1MM Wax Polyester Cord (1 Strand)

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