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4MM Round Gemstone - Tourmaline - .8MM Hole

4MM Round Gemstone - Tourmaline - .8MM Hole

  • $ 650

Tiny little 4MM Gemstone beads with a large enough hole to fit our 0.5MM Chinese Knotting Cord .. what is not to love!  

Each strand is approximately 8 inches long and holds about 50 beads.  When we first saw these beads we couldn't believe the colors!   Each strand of these 4MM Tourmaline beads is its own rainbow!

  • 8 inch strand
  • approx 44 beads
  • Strung on clear thread 

Did you know that Tourmaline beads are the only bead that comes in every color of the spectrum?  The different colors use to have different names but now they are all mainly called Tourmaline.  It is also the alternate birthstone of October (with the Opal) .   The pink color is the rarest from of Tourmaline.   Tourmaline represents a love of humanity and as such is known for as a  soothing and calming stone.


Need help threading these beads?   Take a look at our video "Preparing Chinese Knotting Cord for Threading Beads"  



0.5MM - 1 strand


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