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6MM Round Gemstone - Aquamarine - 0.8MM Hole

6MM Round Gemstone - Aquamarine - 0.8MM Hole

  • $ 2900

We couldn't believe it when we saw the color of these beads!  They are the most perfect hues of blue that we have ever seen.  Named after the latin word for seawater these beads are like perfect little drops of water!

 Each strand is approximately 16 inches long and holds about 60 beads. 

  • 16 inch strand
  • approx 60 beads 


Aquamarine can be sometimes known as the sailor's gem ensuring safe passage across the stormy sea.  

Note:  The holes in these 6MM beads are slightly smaller than our other 6MM beads but can still hole one pass of our 0.5Mm cord.  Please make sure to take a look at our video "Preparing Chinese Knotting Cord for Threading Beads"  



0.5MM - 1 strand



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