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8MM Round Gemstone - Rainbow Jasper - 2.5MM Hole

8MM Round Gemstone - Rainbow Jasper - 2.5MM Hole

  • $ 895

The art of Chinese Knotting is often symmetrical in nature and chinese knotting designs often need two strands of cord to fit through a bead.  

We love these 8MM Gemstone Beads because they are small enough to not overwhelm a project but have a large hole that can accommodate two strands of our 1.4MM or 1.5MM Cord

  •  7 inch strand
  • 26 beads
  • 3 bead/inch

Rainbow Jasper is one of the oldest know gemstones. It is a member of the quartz and chalcedony family and is red, brown and tan in color.  It is believed to produce a calming effect and is sometimes known as a "sustaining stone" 


2MM (1 Strand)

1.4MM or 1.5MM (2 Strands)

0.8MM/1MM or 1MM (4 Strands)


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