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8MM Round Gemstone - Yellow Jade - 2.5MM Hole

8MM Round Gemstone - Yellow Jade - 2.5MM Hole

  • $ 840

The art of Chinese Knotting is often symmetrical in nature and chinese knotting designs often need two strands of cord to fit through a bead.  

We love these 8MM Gemstone Beads because they are small enough to not overwhelm a project but have a large hole that can accommodate two strands of our 1.4MM or 1.5MM Cord

  •  8 inch strand
  • approx 26 beads
  • 3 bead/inch
  • Imported from Dakota Stones

Yellow Jade is known as the Imperial stone and in China is considered more valuable than silver and gold.  Yellow Jade symbolizes all good things such as wealth, good fortune, loyalty and friendship!


2MM (1 Strand)

1.4MM or 1.5MM (2 Strands)

0.8MM/1MM or 1MM (4 Strands)


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