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Island Wraps:  Isabella Kit

Island Wraps: Isabella Kit

  • $ 2995

Our Isabella Wrap Bracelet was named after the beautiful island of Isabella in the Galapagos.  The teal and blue colors in this wrap are reflective of the beautiful colors of the water that surround this island.

We have put together all of the ingredients you will need to make two Isabella Island Wrap bracelets.  Make one for you and one for your best friend!   Kit comes in a clear see through box with colored top!  Add a bow and you have a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to knot!  

Please see  for a Island Wraps Project Page for a list of tools you will need and don't forget to download the tutorial for instructions!    Kit is easy enough for a beginner...

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Bobbin of 0.5MM Chinese Knotting Cord (Poseidon)
  • 1 Bobbin of 0.5MM Chinese Knotting Cord (Teal)
  • 1 Bobbin of 0.5MM  Chinese Knotting Cord (Blue Grey)
  • 1 Bobbin of 0.5MM  Chinese Knotting Cord (Williamsburg Blue)
  • 2 5x3MM Fold Over Crimp with Extender Chain (Silver)
  • 10 grams 8/0 Galvanized (Silver)
  • 6 Strands of 4MM Fire Polish Beads (Sapphire/Lime)
  • 2 Puff Heart Charm with jump ring (Silver)




Did you know:  Isabella is the largest Island in the Galapagos although the youngest at only 1 million years old?   It is shaped like a seahorse and is home to 6 volcanoes all of which are still active!  

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