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Wax Cotton Cord:  SEA SALT - 50M Roll

Wax Cotton Cord: SEA SALT - 50M Roll

  • $ 595

So Soft and Easy to use, our Wax Cotton Cord is a great alternative to our Chinese Knotting Cord if you are looking for something a little softer and just, well, different!    Perfect for all types of friendship bracelets, it knots well and and can be used for shamballa, macrame, wrap, laddering and works really well with simple dainty stackable bracelets.

Made of Cotton and braided with a slight wax finish for extra durability.   

Imported from India and sold in lengths of 10M on tiny, adorable little spools!  

Available in both 0.5mm and 1mm Sizes and matches Pantone color 16-0207

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