Cotton Macrame Cord

It took us a long time to find just the right cotton cord for your macrame projects  but it was so worth the wait! 

We are so excited to finally be able to offer this cord in our store.  Super soft, 100% cotton and single strand (not twisted) this cord is a dream to work with and combs out so easily into a wonderfully fluffy tassel.

It comes on a wonderful array of colors (which of course is a right up our alley :) and we so enjoyed naming the colors!  

 We can't wait to see what you think!  Happy Macrame!


We received a lot of compliments concerning the coaster pictured in this collection. Here is the information if you would like to make one yourself!  

Color Used:  Thistle

Youtube Video:

Note: We found this tutorial on Youtube and  loved it because it uses two of our favorite Chinese knots!  The Josephine Knot and the Cross Knot.  

Designed by GreysMade Macramé & DIY .