About Us

Our Business

We are a small, online business, located in Mooresville, NC.   

We are truly humbled at the number of customers who love our cord and keep us on our toes with great questions, awesome suggestions and wonderful ideas.  Without you, we would have never grown to where we are now.  

Our goal is very simple.  It is to continue to provide you with the best quality product, great prices,  exceptional service and first and foremost, great communication.   Although Tangles'n Knots is growing and there is a lot to do,  I will still try to answer every email myself personally, so if you have even the smallest question, please feel free to email me at  I will get back to you as soon as I can so please be patient.  No question is too small so don't be afraid to ask.


A little bit about me!

I fell in love with Chinese Knotting as a child when my mother bought me my first hanging knot from her trip to China.  I was so fascinated by the good luck knot (it was made from a beautiful blue silk cord) that I tried to take it apart and learn how to tie one myself.  Alas... that particular knot is no longer :-( but the big tangle I ended up with is the true inspiration behind the naming of my store Tangles 'N Knots. 

I started tying chinese knots about 10 years ago when the first book by Lydia Chen came out.  When I started, I had no idea what type of cord to use and what would be best, so I bought a little of literally every type of cord I could get my hands on.  I finally found a beautiful nylon braided cord, that worked great but it only came in very large bundles and not many colors.  Since I had to have the cord in every color :-) I decided to list the rest on EBAY to reduce my inventory.  To my surprise the cord sold really well and voila Tangles 'N Knots was born.

Chinese Knotting is deeply rooted in the chinese culture. Each knot represents all things good such as abundance, good luck, good fortune and long life.  Every knot I tie is made with these very meanings in mind, and hopefully so will yours.  Thank you so much for visiting our store and HAPPY KNOTTING!