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Choose from over 60 different colors of our very popular chinese knotting cord.   Our core set (64 colors) come in 6 different thicknesses 0.4MM, 0.5MM,  0.8MM/1MM, 1.4MM, 2MM and 3MM.

(3MM is sold by the yard and not all colors in stock for this size)

We also offer the 1MM and 1.5MM sizes in a smaller color set (15 colors)  Colors with the same name match across the sizes.   

These smaller 10 and 20 yard lengths are sold on cute, clear reusable bobbins (2MM is sold in a bundle) and the 0.5MM, 0.8MM/1MM, 1MM,  1.4MM and 1.5MM bobbins clip together for added organization. 

  Applied at Checkout
5-9:  5%
10-14: 10%
15+ 15% 
You may mix and match colors and thicknesses to reach volume.. DIscount will appear in your shopping cart.



Our ever popular little bobbins are now available in stores around the US and online!  If you are interested in joining our team offering our cord in your store, please email us for the latest in pricing and detail!