What Exactly is Chinese Knotting Cord?

Chinese Knotting Cord, simply put, is a high quality nylon braided cord that has a center core running through it to help keep it round and stiff enough to hold certain knots.  The official trademark name "Chinese Knotting Cord" refers to to only two sizes a .8mm and a 1.2mm (which measures much closer to 1.5mm) which comes in a limited number of colors and in 82 yd skeins.  It was used mainly for ornamental knotting, button knots, snake knots, square knots and sliding square knot clasps.  As the cord began to increase in popularity, however, many more sizes appeared especially in the smaller ranges of .4mm - .8mm.  and many more beautiful colors have been added.   

Where does Chinese Knotting Cord come from?

Chinese Knotting Cord comes from both China and Tawian.  Although, both types of cords have the same grip and great colors, cord from Tawain, traditionally has been of higher quality offering more different sizes, increased accuracy in cord diameters and closer colors from dye lot to dye lot. 


Is your Leather Lead Free

YES!  Our supplier is a certified member of the the Animal Welfare Board of India and all of their leather is 100% free of AZO and carcinogenic chemicals.