HOW TO: Tie the SNAKE KNOT 3 different ways




HOW TO: Tie the Snake Knot (3 different ways)


Sometimes knowing how to tie the same knot in several different ways can help make a project easier to make.Here is a well known knot called the Snake Knot which can be tied in 3 different ways..

Method 1:
Use this method if you are tying only one or two of these knots and don't need the placement to be exact. It is the easiest method and the most basic.
Method 2:
This method is usually used when you want to tie a lot of snake knots all in a row. The snake knots line up perfectly, lay flat with no twist in the work and give a nice snug uniform look. It is also the fastest method for making a large number of these knots although it can be a little tricky to start.
Method 3:
Method 3 is usually used when you need a little more control in your knot work and/or you want to take a break from method 2 and then come back to your work.