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New England Patriots

Fall always reminds me of Football and Soccer!  Having been a soccer mom for 8 straight years I sometimes find myself missing the busy days of driving to and from practice, the endless loads of laundry and the many many tournaments where I would stand on the sidelines and cheer the team on while trying to stay warm and dry!

For all those Soccer Moms out there and Sports Fans, this tutorial is for you.   A simple charm bracelet combined with a paracord type bracelet this piece is both rugged and dainty at the same time.   Make it in your team's colors and CHEER on your favorite players!







How to Macrame Square Knot with Weave (PDF)
How to Macrame Square Knot (PDF)




Main Color:  1.4MM Chinese Knotting Cord (Navy)
Color 1:  1.4MM Chinese Knotting Cord (White)
Color 2:  1.4MM Chinese Knotting Cord (Red) 
Football Charm (Silver)
3MM Crimp (Silver)
6/0 Miyuki Seed Beads (Matte Opaque White)