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Chinese Knot Cord

Chinese Knotting Cord is a round cord made from nylon that is braided, not twisted.  It can also be called nylon braided cord.   It has a core cord running through its center which helps to give the cord its stiffness and maintain its round shape.  It has a beautiful grip to it, holds the knots tightly and its ends can be sealed with a flame or thread burner. 

Chinese Knotting Cord can be used for micro macrame, shamballa bracelets, bead crochet, knitting, bead weaving, tatting, crochet and more..   If you are not a jewelry designer, chinese knotting cord is also great for use with lego crane trucks, wind chimes, book bindings and even purse handles.  

All of our cord is directly imported from China and Taiwan.  Colors of the same name match across the sizes.  

Note:  Dye lots are controlled but there may still be minor differences between dye lots.  


Applied at Checkout
5-9:    5%
10-14:   10%
15+   15% 
Applied at Checkout
5-9:    10%
10-14:   15%
15+   20% 

You may mix and match colors and thicknesses to reach volume.. Discount will appear in your shopping cart.