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Chinese Knotting

Chinese Knotting (also known as Chinese Decorative Knotting) is an ancient art that originated in China.  In the olden days, the main medium used to tie these knots was silk.  Chinese knots are often used as symbols to wish good health, wealth or luck and are symmetrical in nature with two cords leading in and two cords exiting the piece.  

Tassels were added to increase the beauty of the piece and chinese knots were often used extensively at Court, both to decorate clothing as well as doors and walls symbolizing good luck.  

(Korean) Decorative knotting from Korea encompasses the same types of knots but is known as Maedup.




Double Connection Knot

Horizontal Double Connection Knot

Button Knot (2 Cord Ends)

Button knot (1 Cord End)





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