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Button- Triskele by TierraCast - Gold

Button- Triskele by TierraCast - Gold

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Buttons are a perfect addition to any craft or jewelry project.  They can be used as a clasp or as a button or even as a bead!  This button has a Triskele symbol in the center.  
Diameter:  16MM
Safety:  Lead Free
Hole:  2.25MM
Material:  Antique Gold-Plated Pewter
Type:  Shank
Qty:  1
Made by TierraCast
The Triskele is a Celtic symbol that can best be thought as a representation of three.  The picture symbolizes three "arms" pointing in three different directions with a feeling of movement or flow between them.  The symbol can mean life-death-rebirth, spirit-mind-body, past-present-future or mother-father-child.  

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