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Metallic Strand Cord - Celebration Mix

$ 3.95

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Shimmer and Shine!  This time with our brand new Metallic Strand Cord!  We have had so much fun working with this cord and the we love the bling this cord adds to our projects.  

This cord is called Strand Cord because it is made up of 3, 6, 9 or 12 strands of cord twisted together.   It ties and knots just as well as Chinese knotting cord and the best yet is that although metallic, its ends can be sealed with a flame.  

3 strand:  0.2mm

6 strand:  0.4mm

9 strand:  0.6mm

12 strand:  0.8mm

Sold on little spools of 35 yard (0.6mm) or 27 yards (0.8mm) 

Note:  As this is metallic cord, its can sometimes be itchy to wear if being used alone for a jewelry project so pair this cord with our Chinese Knotting Cord or DMC or Royal Broidery Cotton Floss for a softer feel.   You will love the results!