A Tribute to OMA

Karen Presing

Posted on September 01 2015

This past week, my husband's mother, affectionately known as OMA, passed away.  At the age of 90 she had lived a long and fulfilling life and had been ready to say goodbye but for the rest of us it was hard to let go. 

Having survived through a world war and lost many a loved one at an early age, OMA always knew how to cherish the simple things in the world... the love of a family, the sun on a beautiful day or the strength in a simple smile.  She taught us to enjoy each others company, to work hard but play hard too. She could always be counted on to listen and guide and although quiet by nature her words were always wise beyond her years. 

Her love of owls seemed to match her love for reading and her words of wisdom and as we (all) come to terms with how to painfully say goodbye, we know she would want us to be happy, enjoy the day and love each other to the fullest.    Goodbye OMA .. you will live on in our memories and hearts.


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