Chinese Knotting Cord: Through the sizes...

Karen Presing

Posted on November 13 2014

It is hard to remember the time when Chinese knotting cord only came in two sizes.. It was not so long ago but we still remember the many times when the cord size was just slightly too big for the bead and we would spend hours trying to thread one bead by cutting the cord ends on an angle, adding nailpolish, melting the cord and even reaming the bead, all in an attempt to get that darn bead onto the cord.   After many failed attempts and loads of unused beads, we would often times just give up on the project all together.

With over 7 different sizes now available in chinese knotting cord, the game has turned in our favor!  Instead of matching the bead to the cord, we can now match the cord to the bead!  Can you imagine the possiblities?

Now where did I put that box of unusable beads?????

Happy knotting!


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