Not Just Any Square Knot Sliding Clasp

Karen Presing

Posted on September 01 2014

The Square Knot Sliding Clasp have always been a popular way to finish of a piece of knotted jewelry.  Used with the ever popular Shamballa bracelet it is a very easy clasp to make, doesn't require the purchase of additional findings and is also adjustable so one size fits all.  Better yet, it can also be re-tied so if the clasp were to wear out or become too loose, it can be replaced by simply tying another one!

The sliding clasp can be made with almost any type of cord but we like using Chinese knotting cord the best.  And no wonder... It holds the knots really tightly, can withstand the wear and tear of opening and closing the clasp and its ends can be sealed with a flame.  (no glue is needed which prevents us from accidentally gluing the clasp to the bracelet)  

This month, we decided to try and have a little more fun making the Square Knot Sliding Clasp by adding beads to it.  To our surprise what turned out to be a two hour project, ended up being a whole day affair and our team had a great time coming up with ideas on how to make this simple clasp extra special!  With the help of beads, wrapped rings, different size cords, tassels and findings, the sliding clasp is not just any clasp any more!

Below are just a couple of the ideas we came up with.... What about yours?

Happy Labor Day!


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